Hier mein neuestes Buch, mal was in englisch. Auf dieselbe Art geschrieben wie die deutschen Vorgänger.


Here is my newest book, this time in english. Written in the same way as the german ones before.





















Here are some of them:






What do you think of tolerance?

Shouldn´t you give it a chance?

Even if it´s sometimes hard,

Using it is not just smart.


It´s ´cause the echo you will hear,

One can say this very clear,

Will be exactly of this kind

Of what you had left behind.






No surprise


There are so many People here

That do drink wine and don´t drink beer,

Now you can go and ask the cook

Or you can take a closer look.


Either way you will then find -

And I´d say: Just never mind -

The reason is so clear to see:

All the wine in here ´s for free!








The water ´s coming down in drops -

At the corner stand some cops -

And, even if it´s in the rain,

They are standing there in vain.


As the one they´re looking for

Left the town and went offshore.

Cause the one, due to his theft,

Thought it´d be better if he left.


So water, I could say just here,

Helps the one to disappear -

While the others, you could bet,

Only stand there and get wet.












Internationale Ausstellung in Rom im Dezember 2018 bis Anfang Januar 2019.

Ausstellung in Rom im April 2019

Ab Minute: 22:07

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